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Nostalgia Weasel  Krista Grecco

I am infatuated with nostalgia, that wistful longing for what can no longer be.


In the studio, I surround myself with the tattered stuffed animals, toys, trinkets, and old photographs of my past. Each object holds a story, but the details are no longer clear, all that is left is emotion. The sugary-sweet feelings of love and joy are juxtaposed with the sour sting of humiliation, longing, and heartache. These are the tangible mementos that inspire my use of form, color, and abstraction.


The figure and animal are important to my narrative. They are flawed but strong, sad but hopeful, playing the part of the reluctant protagonist. Their gesture, form, and proportion are pushed and pulled between perfection and failure as I endeavor to understand, celebrate, and document each fragmented memory.


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