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Nostalgia Weasel  Krista Grecco

I am drawn to objects that have a history and a story to tell. At home and in the studio, I surround myself with bits of nature, curiosities, and nostalgic trinkets. Dried mushrooms, gnawed bones, old toys, and tattered stuffed animals line the shelves and feed my imagination. I treasure these objects for their narrative and formal appeal. They are beautifully weathered, abstracted, and colorful. Surfaces and details may have faded over time, but the emotions tied to these objects are palpable.

Much like the objects I collect and treasure, my figurative and animal sculptures tell a story. They are fully realized characters; flawed but strong, sad but hopeful, playing the part of the reluctant protagonist in their own unfinished stories. Gesture, form, proportion, and color are pushed, stretched, and simplified to enhance the narrative and highlight emotion.


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