Krista Grecco figurative porcelain atlanta artist animal art

I am infatuated with nostalgia, pleasure and pain intertwine to form a melancholic interpretation of the past. Tattered stuffed animals, well-loved toys, trinkets and old photographs serve as my tangible mementos- they encapsulate the joys, humiliations and heartaches of my personal history. Nostalgia takes me through a range of raw emotions, from the sugar sweet to the acidic sour. This duality of “sweet and sour” is at the core of my work, it guides every conceptual and formal choice that I make. My work should evoke ideas of love, beauty and happiness but it must be tempered with awkwardness, longing and pain.


As a fraternal twin I grew up as part of a pair, two differing individuals that moved as one unit. I prefer having, and being, a companion and explore this often in my work. Relationships between two forms (human and animal) are common as well as solitary forms supported by multiples (figure/animal adorned with abstract shapes, crowns, jewels etc.). I draw inspiration from my close relationships and endeavor to illustrate the stories of those who have shared their lives with me. They are imperfect, honest and personal with a touch of sadness for the passing of time.


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Krista Grecco